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Numa Numa English


This is an animated music video parody of the Numa Numa song, using incredible animation footage from the Elephants Dream project. Click on the video to watch it then read more about it below.

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Coming soon! The robot version of the Numa Ye song using the i-SOBOT, the world’s smallest humanoid robot. It feets in the palm of your hand and dances its little robot booty off! Dancing along side him and doing some fancy camera work will be my soon to be delivered Spykee robot; the self recharging remote spy robot from the Erector folk.  Bookmark this page and check soon to see when the robot Numa Ye video is ready!

I made a parody of the smash hit song by O-Zone known as “Ma Ya Hi” which is also known as the Numa Numa English dance song. I remixed video footage from the fantastic Elephants Dream animated movie short, a Blender Foundation project that was released under a Creative Commons license.  You MUST see the original movie to understand how amazing the graphics, animation, music, and sound effects are in this animation.  Visit their site and buy the DVD, which has a high definition version of the movie. That version is better than Pixar and I love Pixar! Note: The quality of even the “decent” version of my parody is absolutely no match for the breathtaking quality of the original, let alone that of the high definition movie.

NOTE: Do yourself a favor and buy O-Zone’s incredible dance music CD.  It’s not just one of those CD’s with the same song remixed 3 different ways.  It’s a full album with a lot of good songs besides “Numa Ye” and it’s English counterpart “Ma Ya Hi”.  Visit O-Zone’s official web site for more details.
STORY: The video features our two characters, Proog and Emo, locked in a dispute over Emo’s broken PC.  Proog, a computer repairmen, refuses to fix Emo’s computer until his last bill has been paid. But, Emo refuses to pay Proog’s previous bill until his computer is working!

Please leave your comments on the post I made for this video, which you can find on my Funny Photos & Videos blog. Also, if you have a YouTube account, please visit my YouTube page and give the video a good rating and comment.  I’d love it if you’d Favorite it and subscribe to my videos too!


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Brand new video!

See Elmo and Grover do the Numa Numa dance in this crazy and funny music video called Elmo Numa Numa!

HEY THERE! Please do not link directly to the video files.  Link to this page instead. The location of the video files will change very soon!


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After you watch our Elmo Numa Numa video, check out the . Fisher Price Elmo Live robot. Elmo Live sings, dances, stands up and down and waves his hands in the air. You can pre-order Elmo Live or you can wait until the holidays to overpay for him on eBay or wait in line when you go to buy Elmo Live for them as a present! Wait for our next funny video which will feature WowWee's Tri-Bot robot! Also, as soon as we get our hands on a Kota The Triceratops dinosaur robotwe'll showcase it with a new video showing Elmo riding the 3 foot tall animaterobot. For more information on Kota visit:


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